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A Break (also called "Rip and Ship") is when an individual or group buys into a set amount of packs that have been previously determined depending on the type of break.

Pokemon: You will receive all "hits" specified from the break. Pokémon Hits include: Promos, Reverse Holos, Non-Holo Rares, Holo Rares, GX, EX, V, VMAX, Full Art, Amazing Rare, Secret Rare, Rainbow Rare, and Alternate Art. Code cards are not included.

Sports & Other TCG/CCG: You will receive all cards from the break unless you specify you'd like to pass on the bulk cards. All Hits will be sleeved and mailed directly to you!

All breaks are done live Tuesdays and Fridays on


What is a Personal Break?

A Personal Break is when an individual buys into a set amount of packs or sets. The individual will receive all hits.

What is a Group Break?

A Group Break is when a small group of people buys into a set amount of previously determined packs.

Rotation Group Break: Each person in the group is assigned a slot number. Each GX or better hit will be rotated between participants. The first GX or better will go to slot 1, the 2nd GX or better will go to slot 2, and so on. Once the last slot receives a GX or better, the next hit will start again at slot 1 and restart the order down the list. All Holo Rares will be evenly distributed among the group.

Card Type Group Break: Each person receives all hits from the type (water, fire, psychic, colorless, etc.) they are assigned. One of each type energy card will be shuffled into a stack and randomly placed on each participants name. The cards will then all be flipped over to reveal each person's type. Tread with caution as this type of group break is a high risk, high reward situation. It's a slim chance, but still possible that you can receive no hits.

What is a Pack Battle Break?

A Pack Battle Break is when a set number of individuals "battle" their pack breaks head to head. Whoever has the most points (according to the point system) takes all the hits. Tread with caution as this type of group break is a high-risk, high reward outcome. There can only be one winner, all other participants will receive nothing.

What is a Bracket Pack Battle Break?
Each person in the group break will be split into a bracket tournament format. Each round will be a head-to-head pack battle - winner takes all! However, you will keep all hits from any prior brackets, only the current battle's hits are at stake. Losers from each battle are sent to the Losers Bracket. If you lose in the Losers Bracket, you're done. If you lose the first bracket, then also lose the losers bracket, you will get a consolation prize!


We currently accept:

  • Paypal

  • Credit/Debit Cards

​Purchasing Breaks does not include shipping costs. Shipping is handled separately.


Individual packs are all from sealed collections (i.e. Elite Trainer Boxes, Booster Boxes, Tins, Mega Boxes, Blaster Boxes, Hangers, etc.).


Shipping costs are NOT included in Break Purchases. Shipping costs will vary depending on size, weight, and destination, but will generally be around $5 for a few pack hits.

USA ONLY! If you'd like international shipping (including Canada and Mexico), please message me on Discord BEFORE purchasing any breaks.

All packages will be sent via United States Postal Service (USPS) First Class or Priority Mail in a bubble envelope or box. All orders will have tracking numbers.

Priority Mail Included Insurance: $50 (Additional Insurance Upon Request. Will Increase Shipping Cost).

Orders are only sent after shipping has been requested; this way several breaks can be bundled into one package. Please message me via Discord when you'd like your breaks shipped.


All breaks and singles are final sale items and cannot be returned or exchanged. Final sale items also include digital products; for example, but not limited to, code cards.

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