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1x Kleavor VSTAR Premium Collection - Personal Break

  • 6x Sword & Shield Era Booster Packs
    • 2x Astral Radiance Booster Packs
    • 2x Brilliant Stars Booster Packs
    • 2x Fusion Strike Booster Packs
  • 1x Full Art promo card featuring Kleavor V
  • 1x Promo card featuring Kleavor VSTAR
  • 1x Jumbo promo card featuring Kleavor VSTAR
  • 1x Colorful collector's pin featuring Kleavor

  • 1x Jumbo Coin featuring Kleavor


Astral Radiance Card List

Brilliant Stars Card List

Fusion Strike Card List



You will receive all "hits" specified from the break. Pokemon Hits include: Radiant, V, VMAX, Vstar, Full Art, Classic Collection, Alternate Art, and Secret Rare. Code cards are not included.


All hits will be sleeved. All hits valued at $5+ will be sleeved and put into a card saver.


The "Playset Only" option means you will receive up to 4 of each card and no additional quantity while the "No Dupes" options mean you will only receive one of each item and no duplicates -- these options are perfect for master set collectors or cheaper shipping.

Cards shown in the shop images are an example of chase cards from the set and are not included unless stated otherwise.

Kleavor VSTAR Premium Collection

$44.00 Regular Price
$42.00Sale Price
Sales Tax Included
  • Shipping costs are NOT included in Break Purchases. Shipping costs will vary depending on size, weight, and destination, but will generally be around $5-8 for a few pack hits or anything with jumbo cards.

  • Unsure what a break is? Click here!

    All breaks are done live on tokio's Twitch. Tune in Tuesdays & Fridays!

    You will receive all "hits" specified from the break. 
    All hits will be sleeved and put into a card saver.

    Individual packs are all from sealed collections (i.e. Elite Trainer Boxes, Booster Boxes, Tins, Mega Boxes, Blaster Boxes, Hangers, etc.).

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